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My name is Sheba Dawn; President of Star 21 Inc.

I am proud to identify myself as the active Owner, Operator and Personal Service Representative of Star 21 Health Care, Medical and Mobility Products.

I began Emergency Services Work in 1991 combining Social Services Crisis Intervention, Law Enforcement, EMT Basic Medic Duty, and Medical Health Care Product Services.

The Company I was with for 5 years decided suddenly to sell in 1997. Because of my Product Expertise and Client Service Record; the Company offered me the opportunity to purchase all Inventory the New Owners did not want to carry.

Thus, STAR 21 INC was born on July 1 1997.

I have always remembered one of the keys to success is "doing something uncommon among common people."

I decided to offer Oregon?s first Mobile Showroom and Educational Unit to folks in need of Home or Facility Medical Equipment. Previous experience proved the percentage of folks who were restricted to their home due to lack of transportation or personal mobility affirmed my thoughts to operate STAR 21 in a non-conventional approach.

The Industry was just beginning the sneak preview of Internet and Hi-Tech in serving product needs for medical purposes. Little did I realize the challenge had just begun to a Vow I had committed to the Ministry of this Business.

I vowed I would continue to be "IN SERVICE" for the person in need.

I would couple that with personal consultation of someone in charge of the person?s needs or the patient to match the appropriate product to the Medical need.

I would then research the Product offering the Safest level of Quality to match the need for the Most Reasonable Competitive Price.

I also found if I learned about certain Products in a Service Technician arena, I would be able to expand my knowledge and render additional service as needed. It also widens my abilities to sell the best product available.

STAR 21 INC is Blessed to be still serving folks today in need of specific Medical and Home Health Care Products.


STAR 21 serves a geographic area based on realistic quality personal service; including but not limited to;

The Willamette Valley and surrounding areas including the Oregon Northern and Central Coast Communities. Drop-Ship available nationwide.

Any Geographical area upon the request of extended families or specific person to care for their loved ones.


STAR 21 is an honored dealer for a number of World Wide Manufacturers; including, but not limited to Invacare and Pride Mobility Products and has availability of hundreds of thousands of medical or home health care product, equipment or supplies through multiple National Distribution Companies.

If STAR 21 receives a request for a product outside of the qualified scope of practice; then STAR 21 will refer that person to the best qualified Company to take care of that need.


STAR 21 prides itself to incorporate FLEX-HOURS to standard operating hours of 9-5pm. This means that specific needs sometimes are taken care of before and after these hours, and outside of Monday through Friday. This also allows families of the person in need to be involved outside of their working hours.


STAR 21 has served clients residing in Private Residences, Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Physical Therapy Facilities, Foster Homes, Dementia Care, and other related arenas.

It is indeed a pleasure for Star 21 to be a part of your consideration to serve you for your medical and health care needs.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Visit our other website: Star21online.com

5030 Newberg Dr. N
P.O. Box 21600
Keizer, OR 97307
Phone: 503-393-2600

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